Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sobering Recollection #Tired.

Today working in Boston moving people to complex buildings from beacon hill, i mean 200 yr old apartments is daunting at first, but at hind-sight i feel serene, and sobering. I'm working for my mom lols. got to pay the rent for her. so i can be strong with my head and body. i'm not the fittest guy but i challenge you to keep up with this job for a day. you'll go nuts. customers vary they can be great, they'll buy you lunch and tip nice and treat you with the respect you deserve. today. that was the case :).
I let people leave reviews because it can look good when somebody wants to see what kind of work you can do and how you treat customers. I'm not narcissistic or nothing lols, but i feel like i'm a boss ass mover.
click on the link above to check out my 2 reviews lol. seriously do it.

I think e.t by Katy Perry's been stuck in my head all day. heh. Listen to it my good friends. Goodnight smoke a doobie for me.