Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sobering Recollection #Tired.

Today working in Boston moving people to complex buildings from beacon hill, i mean 200 yr old apartments is daunting at first, but at hind-sight i feel serene, and sobering. I'm working for my mom lols. got to pay the rent for her. so i can be strong with my head and body. i'm not the fittest guy but i challenge you to keep up with this job for a day. you'll go nuts. customers vary they can be great, they'll buy you lunch and tip nice and treat you with the respect you deserve. today. that was the case :).
I let people leave reviews because it can look good when somebody wants to see what kind of work you can do and how you treat customers. I'm not narcissistic or nothing lols, but i feel like i'm a boss ass mover.
click on the link above to check out my 2 reviews lol. seriously do it.

I think e.t by Katy Perry's been stuck in my head all day. heh. Listen to it my good friends. Goodnight smoke a doobie for me.

As far as today goes.

One day i would like to plan out my day poetry slam style, but alas that sounds like something i can procrastinator on and i shall. maybe one day when i feel more motivated to write to you the reader. maybe you can help me feel motivated hehe.
If you never seen my little pony before, and it just so happens to be on tv run for it. that show sucks, even when your high. (2)

SO i'll drop some videos and shit when i come back from work. goodbye to my favorite people :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4-20 in maine all the time?

As I know, many people in the world smoke cannabis, take oils, consume "fun" brownies.  Well today my fellow "ents" is a groundbreaking a day for the relationship for cannabis and the law. This Tuesday may 10th, 2011 marks the first day where an actual hearing to uplift and unban all forms of hemp farming in the great state of Maine.
As far as i know, this will only be just a hearing, and as i do have my hopes up for finally getting rid of the prohibition on weed, i can't shake the feeling that the fight for our rights's is won and given to us so easily.

I'd love to hear what you think.
Here is a link to the source!!


Today woke up next to my bro , i brought him upstairs and am now blogging at 7:18 AM. It's cool. I can't wait to get my day started and moving, lifes good so why not have a good time with it? lols.  If you feel this way hollaback.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Laws Of Attraction.

1. Money Comes By Frequently And Often, And I Have An Unlimited Supply Of Income.
2.I Have A Great Job.
3.I'm Happy w/ Happy People
4.I Have A Sick Body.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This is just a simple list that i have made that shows what i want in life.  By writing it down and using affirmative thinking and affirmative actions i can attract those things i want the most!
It's easy and it's simple.
and it's the universe gift to all. :)

Twitter is global world wide connecting program that let's people who have some sort of following keep in tuch with people that want to follow them, i think it's a neat way for movie stars to show off their real lives and we get to see a funny side to them to ( most of the time ). 

follow me i'll follow you!
 I recommened it to anyone that has a computer or even share interests in keeping in touch with their favorite elites.

You can follow me by searching @castleman92 LB>)